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Convoy 2.1.9

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A truck is transporting a locked crate along the road. The convoy is accompanied by NPCs who drive sedans, as well as Bredley and a helicopter. In case of an attack, the convoy stops moving for a specified time. If the truck is destroyed, the event will be lost. When all accompanying vehicles are destroyed, it will be possible to open the locked crate. All looting crates, NPCs, Cars, Bradley, Helicopter can be reconfigured. In the configuration, you can set up a PVP zone for those who use the True PVE plugin. All players in the event zone have a timer with a countdown to the end of the event. All timers can be set up in the configuration.
Dependencies Required

NpcSpawn – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-18L-mG7yiGxR-PQYvd11VvXC2RQ4ZCu Chat commands (only for administrators)

/convoystart - launches the event in a random configuration /convoystart <name> - launches the event in the <name> configuration /convoystop - stops the event /convoyroadblock - the event will not be held on the road where you are standing. (After changing the map , you need to clear the Blocked roads field in the config )
Console commands

convoystart - launches the event in a random configuration convoystart <name> - launches the event in the <name> configuration convoystop - stops the event
Custom routes To start recording a route, stand at its starting point and register </convoyrootstart> in the chat. To save the route, use the command: </convoyrootsave [rootpresetname]>. Multiple routes can be added to one preset. Then it will be randomly selected. To reset the route, print to the chat: </convoyrootstop> In the config, insert the name of the created preset in the appropriate field. API bool IsConvoyVehicle(BaseEntity entity)
bool IsConvoyCrate(HackableLockedCrate crate)
bool IsConvoyHeli(BaseHelicopter baseHelicopter)
Hooks "OnConvoyStart" - сalled when a convoy appears
"OnConvoyStop" - сalled when a convoy disappears
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